There is something fascinating about the occult. Knowledge of the hidden, unseen world is something people have sought for ages. For Lush's 2019 Halloween product launch, the objective was to lift the veil and show customers how botanical, ancient ingredients can come together to summon beautiful skin. Introducing Lush’s year-round products alongside a seasonal launch, we created shareable moments for our customers to incorporate Lush products as an essential component of celebrating the season, and beyond—because Halloween without Lush is truly frightful.
For the art direction, we took inspiration from the rustic botanical drawings that accompany descriptions of medicinal herbs and roots, as well as sepia-toned old films that give their inhabitants a haunted appearance (intentional or not). The final product was an alchemical marriage of the two: witchy style steeped in tried and true techniques and ingredients with real results. It’s our take on the occult, finding inspiration in everything from Ouija boards, tarot cards, and spellbooks to underscore the magic we make with everyday herbs and essential oils.
These assets were shared across various channels such as retail, digital, social, and PR, creating a beautifully crafted, integrated campaign.
Various collateral to support the in-store experience including static light boxes, digital light boxes, in-store set-ups and displays. Real ingredients were used within the store displays to elevate the experience.
Various imagery that was used across our social and digital platforms
Digital landing page customized with cauldron badges and a planchette cursor


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