Lush is a cult brand that has been built by loyal fans who swear by their most effective products. These cult classics are the Lush products that have stood the test of time, kicked up a stir in the social sphere, and keep fans coming back for more.
To help give these products the fandom they deserved, we developed a unique visual identity by emphasizing the effectiveness of the quality ingredients that make up these products, earning them their 5-star ratings. Anytime a cult classic product was shared on one of the Lush channels, the unique identity would be used to create assets from retail, digital, social, and video content.
A lot of love went into producing these assets shown below. Each image was built using real ingredients shot in-house. We shot every ingredient in multiple angles, we then composited the still image and had our photoshop master add lighting and shadows to give each image an ultimate crisp, fresh look and feel. We then created an image gallery to house all the ingredient shots in multiple angles that our animator could pull from to replicate the movement of the falling ingredients. Custom animations were created for each product to use in video and digital content.
A dedicated landing page was created as a central hub for elevating fan reviews and product fandom.
To help our customers easily identify one of our Cult Classic products, we created a badge icon, and any imagery shared on our social channels pertaining to these specific products would get the Cult Classic icon overlaid on top of the photo. We shared user-generated content of our customers using these classic products since the fandom was built by our customer's reviews.
The Cult Classic badge was also turned into a dedicated Instagram highlight, used to save year-round content posted to our Instagram channel.
Any product with Cult Classic status would have a How It's Made or Deep Dives video to educate our customers on the effectiveness of these products, and tell the story of how these products became a cult classic. Video content related to Cult Classics would then live in a dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel.
Videos would have a dedicated look and feel through the Cult Classics lens. We worked closely with our in-house animator to create life-like animations of our products, with their ingredient's gracefully falling in the frame. Animation intros are shown below.


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